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PRESS RELEASE: International study to reveal cultural impact on mobile usage

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Research to focus on mobile behaviour among young urban professionals

London, UK, July 11 2012 - International consumer research specialist Intersperience is launching a study across several continents to determine the impact that cultural differences have on how citizens use mobile technology in diverse societies within Europe, Australasia, and North and South America.

The project, which commences in July, involves surveying a total of 1,800 citizens from nine nations including the UK, Germany and Spain; Australia, Japan, South Korea and China; the United States and Brazil. It will also involve additional desk research in native languages conducted by Intersperience’s dedicated multinational research team in the UK.

The ‘Culture of Mobile and the Internet’ project will explore how different cultural values and beliefs affect people’s expectations, uses and perception of technology, with a particular focus on smartphones and mobile internet usage.

The new project follows the ground-breaking ‘Cultural Lens’ research project conducted by Intersperience in 2007 which demonstrated the extent to which cultural background influences consumer behaviour. Intersperience devised an innovative means of measuring cultural differences and similarities between nations for this study.

Paul Hudson, Intersperience Chief Executive said: “Our ‘Cultural Lens’ study showed how culture influences purchasing, communication and responses to marketing and advertising. The new study puts this firmly in the context of mobile internet which is changing consumer behaviour in radical ways. We will deliver vital intelligence on a complex issue because we will delve deeper and not only pinpoint cultural differences but explain why they have direct bearing on the ways in which different nations respond to mobile technologies.”

The new study will focus specifically on young urban professionals aged 25 to 35 in each of the nine countries, all of whom own smartphones and have mobile internet access at home. It will provide a detailed assessment of how culture influences mobile usage and online behaviour and it will also examine how cultural issues impact the pace of mobile internet adoption in different countries.

Hudson said: “Our project will shed new light on critical commercial issues for big brands in the mobile age, from mobile operators to businesses selling goods and services online. It will deliver a greater understanding of how culture affects responses to apps and online advertising as well as how attitudes to security can impact mobile payment systems. We will effectively create an international cultural route map on mobile internet adoption among young urban professionals, an attractive consumer target group.”

The project will equip businesses with the insight they need to devise culturally-appropriate online experiences and marketing and advertising messages for target customer groups in major global markets. It will also include research into the role of social platforms in establishing consumer relationships with both western and local brands in key markets.

Intersperience has recruited its first clients for the multi-country study. There is still an opportunity for organisations to participate in the research which concludes in September.



For more information and to enquire about participating in the ‘Culture of Mobile and the Internet’ study please contact Intersperience directly:


Tel: + 44 (0) 15395 65450

Media Contact: Valerie Darroch, T:07970 737708

About Intersperience:

Intersperience is an international consumer research specialist with expertise in consumer behaviour, experience and attitudes. The team, which is headquartered in Cumbria, has more than 25 years experience in analysing consumer behaviour. It employs a range of interpretative models and frameworks including a proprietary online research platform. Intersperience has significant global expertise and an international research hub at Lancaster University which conducts research in more than 60 languages as well as associates in major global markets. Intersperience is an expert in how technology impacts on consumer behaviour and multi-channel customer service strategy. Clients include:The British Council; General Motors; Iceland; Samsung; ScottishPower and William Hill.

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