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PRESS RELEASE: London Olympics to spark explosion in mobile data traffic

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Intersperience & BBC lead ‘connected consumer’ debate at Open Ideas

- Intersperience to reveal new digital behaviour research in run-up to first digital Olympics

- BBC to unveil plans for digital coverage of 2012 Olympics at Open Ideas event May 24

- Digital communication to go mainstream as London prepares for 1 billion smart devices

- Twitter records set to be smashed as 4 billion viewers worldwide tune into the Games

London, UK, 16 May 2012 – The London Olympics will mark a turning point in the digital communication revolution with digital going mainstream in the UK as sports fans are set to switch on one billion smart devices in the capital to follow the Games, says international consumer research specialist Intersperience.

Intersperience, a specialist in how digital issues impact on consumer behaviour, is staging an Open Ideas event on May 24 at which Phil Fearnley, who is responsible for the delivery of the Digital Olympics at BBC Future Media, will provide an insight into the many ways in which the public can enjoy coverage of what will be the world’s first truly digital Games.

The Open Ideas event, which will be attended by representatives from some of the world’s biggest consumer brands and advertising and marketing firms, will include a special presentation from the BBC, digital rights holder for the Games, on how it will deliver more footage than ever on more devices to an anticipated global audience of four billion people.

Intersperience Chief Executive Paul Hudson said: “People are communicating across more digital platforms than ever and greater use of mobile internet is radically changing the way we send, consume and share information via email, text, Facebook and Twitter. London 2012 represents the biggest digital challenge ever for a live sporting event - the Superbowl generated more than 10,000 Tweets per second - the Olympics will be even bigger.”

Hudson added: “We’ve been charting critical shifts in consumer behaviour since the digital revolution began and our latest research concludes that the UK has reached a turning point in terms of mobile internet adoption and consumers’ desire for ‘constant connection.’ The Olympics will showcase not just how broadcasters measure up to the challenge but how the world’s biggest consumer brands respond to the growing army of switched-on digital citizens.”

Intersperience will present new research findings on a range of issues impacting on the UK’s increasingly digital society at the Open Ideas event, which takes place at the Museum of London. These will include insights into the ‘connected consumer’, the behavioural traits of the ‘mobile consumer’ and a study of the ‘hyper-local consumer’ - the latest fast-growing consumer segment to emerge from in-depth research across all age groups within the UK.



Media Contact:

Valerie Darroch T: + 44 (0)7970 737708 Email

About Intersperience:

Intersperience is an international consumer research specialist with expertise in consumer behaviour, experience and attitudes. The team, which is headquartered in Cumbria, has more than 25 years experience in analysing consumer behaviour. It employs a range of interpretative models and frameworks including a proprietary online research platform. Intersperience has significant global expertise and an international research hub at Lancaster University which conducts research in more than 60 languages as well as associates in major global markets. Intersperience is an expert in how technology impacts on consumer behaviour and multi-channel customer service strategy. Clients include:The British Council; General Motors; Iceland; Samsung; ScottishPower; and William Hill.

For more information:

T: + 44 (0)15395 65450

About Open Ideas, May 24, London:

Intersperience is holding an Open Ideas event for major brands, marketeers, and opinion formers which will lead debate on Digital Britain. The guest speaker will be the BBC’s Phil Fearnley who will provide an exclusive insight into the broadcaster’s plans for digital coverage of the 2012 London Olympics which will encompass reporting on 26 sports and 14,500 athletes, delivering footage across more platforms than ever, including an array of mobile digital devices.

The event will also showcase Intersperience’s unique and authoritative new research on the changing behaviour and attitudes of consumers in the UK, focusing on three major emerging types:

- the Connected Consumer

- the Mobile Consumer

- the Hyper-Local Consumer

It will provide insights into consumers’ increasing tendency to expect ‘always-on’ communication; the impact of more widespread mobile internet usage and what it means for engaging with consumers on the move; how consumers want business to engage with them via scoial media and traditional media; and the significance of the emergence of a new type of consumer as a result of mobile, social and local data converging in a way that has never been possible before.

Intersperience has conducted ground-breaking research on these issues and the results make compulsive reading for business leaders seeking to understand the consumer of tomorrow.

Open Ideas takes place 0900 to 1400 on May 24 at Museum of London; London Wall, EC2M

To learn more about the event or to attend click this link

To request a media pass for Open Ideas please contact Alison Little at Intersperience


T: + 44 (0)15395 65450

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