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PRESS RELEASE: Twenty-Somethings Top Online Friends' League Table

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Intersperience survey highlights Facebook generation gap

Average 22 year old claims 1,000 or more social network friends
Over-50s have least online friends
Research highlights new social trends in Digital Age
Open Ideas event May 26 to debate key changes

London, UK, 23 May 2011 – The average 22 year old in the UK boasts more than 1,000 online friends – more than 50 times as many as people in their early 50s, according to a new social networking study by international consumer research specialist Intersperience.

The research highlighted a clear link between age and the number of people social media users have registered as online friends, with evidence emerging that currently people hit the peak of social media popularity in their 20s.

Intersperience found that younger teenagers (those aged 13 to 16, a fast-growing social media demographic) have an average of 450 social network friends, with girls having slightly more online friends than boys. This compares to people in their 30s who have on average of between 100 and 200 friends, people in their 40s who have between 50 and 100 and over-50s who have fewer than 20

Intersperience is hosting an Open Ideas event at Altitude 360 in London on May 26 at which Chief Executive Paul Hudson will assess the significance of the technological changes of the last decade. He will outline how the rapid adoption and proliferation of social networking, smartphones, netbooks and tablets will impact on society in future.

Key topics will include ‘The New Social’ - examining how much of ourselves we are really willing to share on social networks and the concept of ‘instant online intimacy’. The event will also discuss the implications of the rise of ‘M-Agers’ – young people born into a ‘mobile world’ who will account for 24% of the population by 2018.

Paul Hudson commented: “Our research underlines fundamental changes taking place in British society as a result of finally entering the Digital Age. Half the UK population are on Facebook now and the explosion in social networking activity is blurring lines. In a social media context, a ‘friend’ means something different to a 20 year old than to a 50 year old.”

Hudson added: “Social networking activity is just one example of how different groups are adapting to the Digital Age at different paces. In this case, age is the determining factor - however in other instances it is not. Our research shows consumers are regrouping on different lines, with a willingness and ability to master technology emerging as a key factor in determining how well individuals adapt to the Digital Age.”

Hudson said: “ We are no longer on the cusp of the Digital Age; it has arrived. The changes in the next decade will be as profound as those of the past 10 years and will permeate every aspect of our lives. Open Ideas will provide an excellent opportunity for organisations to benefit from Intersperience research into critical issues that will impact everything from communication channels to future customer service strategy.”



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About Intersperience:

Intersperience is an international consumer research specialist with expertise in consumer behaviour, experience and attitudes. The team, which is headquartered in Cumbria, has more than 25 years experience in analysing consumer behaviour. It employs a range of interpretative models and frameworks including a proprietary online research platform. Intersperience has significant global expertise and an international research hub at Lancaster University, which conducts research in more than 60 languages as well as associates in major global markets. Intersperience is an expert in how technology impacts on consumer behaviour and multi-channel customer service strategy. Clients include: The British Council; General Motors; Iceland; Samsung; ScottishPower; and William Hill.

About Open Ideas Event May 26, London

Intersperience is holding a special Open Ideas seminar examining critical changes taking place in society as the Digital Age gets underway in earnest. It will provide unique insights into consumer behaviour and examine consumer attitudes to issues such as grappling with technological change; the impact of ‘always-on’ internet access; engaging with social media; and rising expectations of

customer service. Intersperience has conducted ground-breaking research into these issues and the results make compulsive reading for business leaders seeking to understand and thrive in the Digital Age. Connectivity, integration and interaction are the watchwords for the Digitial Age.

Open Ideas takes place 0900 to 1400 on May 26 at Altitude 360; Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP.

To learn more about the event view a Vlog by Intersperience CEO Paul Hudson

or for general information click this link

There are a limited number of media passes available for the event - to request a media pass please contact Alison Little at Intersperience


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