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Research Update > 06 March 2014
Businesses need to understand how to give their customers greater control over personal data
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Consumer Behaviour

  • Digital World
     Read More
  • Digital Futures White Paper
    A guide to understanding the impact of changing digital behaviour on business Read More
  • Savvy youngsters lie online to protect their digital identities
    Youngsters lie online to protect their digital identities Read More
  • Contact overload?
    Under-18s will test resources to the max as multi-channel contact goes into overdrive Read More
  • 2013 Consumer Trends
    Savvy consumers wield knowledge and leverage power through digital connections Read More
  • The New Social
     Read More
  • Rise of the Tablet
    Gulf emerges as multi-tasking digital device owners leave majority of UK consumers trailing Read More
  • Digital Futures
     Read More
  • What price privacy?
    Legal moves on internet privacy highlight rising tension between control and convenience. Read More
  • Smartphone shopping revolution
    Retailers wary of ‘showrooming’ shoppers who visit stores then use mobiles to hunt for online bargains Read More
  • Designs on the Future
    Website designers may struggle to appeal to sophisticated generation used to online gaming thrills Read More
  • Intersperience New Year Trends Forecast
    A guide to digital trends that will impact on consumer behaviour in 2012 Read More
  • Internet on the Move
     Read More
  • Consumers cautious on mobile wallet
    Uptake of mobile payment systems seen hampered by consumer nerves over security issues. Read More
  • Younger generation shun PCs
    Mobility holds key to popularity of tech devices for younger generation Read More
  • The Future Consumer
     Read More
  • 27% of customers fume at poor service
    ‘The Now Culture’ breeds more demanding customers and leaves organisations struggling with multi service channels Read More
  • One third of cash-strapped Brits shelve holiday plans
    Half of shoppers say spending habits have changed greatly due to government cuts Read More
  • Stretching social ties
    Prolific online friendships strain human capacity to maintain meaningful relationships Read More
  • Friend or foe?
    Digital Selves highlights benefits of social networks but uncovers growing awareness of negatives Read More
  • Economic anxiety deepens
    Survey reveals more spending curbs in store as fears over household finances intensify Read More
  • 1 in 6 Christmas gifts go missing
    Internet shopping fails to deliver to customers and the bottom line Read More
  • Christmas sales fall £245m
    Economy worries, not snow, to blame for £245m Christmas sales plunge Read More
  • Digital Selves
     Read More
  • Christmas carols bring out shoppers
    52% say searching shops for presents gets them in the festive spirit Read More
  • Hedonists or workaholics?
    Evidence emerges of contrasting European attitudes to work and play Read More
  • Eastern European cultural conundrum
    Marketeers risk missing golden opportunities in Eastern Europe if they ignore research on critical cultural differences Read More
  • A long, slow recovery
    Consumer confidence and sense of job security improving, allaying fears of UK “double dip” Read More
  • Lost online
    Organisations could alienate as many as 27% of their customers following an overhaul of their websites Read More
  • Not the smartest move
    Mobile phone operators that scrap unlimited data plans will stifle demand among key group of buyers Read More
  • Cyber relationships
    Online encounters tear up relationship rulebook as ‘instant intimacy’ requires new etiquette code Read More
  • Family consumers hold the key to iPad success
    Family consumers hold the key to iPad success Read More
  • Spenders or Savers?
    No evidence of return to spending despite post-election uptick in confidence Read More
  • Online shopping fans
    Under 25's enjoy online shopping less than over 25's Read More
  • Senior Moments
    New wave of silver surfers makes a splash in social networking scene Read More
  • To Tweet or Not to Tweet
    Company followers scour social networking websites for promotions and competitions Read More
  • Moving targets
    Who is using internet on the move and what are they doing with it? Read More
  • Online expectations missed
    Consumers spend less online than anticipated Read More
  • Fact or Fiction
    Brand executives deliver their verdict at Open Ideas on future scenarios which will shape consumer behaviour Read More
  • Communication explosion
    Organisations are oblivious and unprepared for the tough communication challenge looming on the horizon Read More
  • 2020 Vision
    Is your organisation prepared for the highly demanding, mobile, hyper-local consumer of the future? Read More
  • Channel choices
    Multi-channel contact results in more complex relationships between businesses and consumers Read More
  • Opposing tensions
    Research highlights tricky juggling act of pleasing customers in a multi-channel environment Read More
  • Dial S for Service
    Despite advances in technology, young consumers prefer to use the humble telephone to reach their favourite brands Read More
  • It’s a Kindle Christmas
    Electronic book readers top the wish list of stocking fillers this Christmas Read More
  • Cold climate for retailers
    Online retailers must avoid repeat of 2010 fiasco when one in six were left without presents Read More
  • Digital ties that bind
    The Now Culture gives rise to a new breed of ‘always-on’ challenging consumers who demand instant responses Read More
  • 'Fact' or 'Fiction'
    M-Agers entering the workplace will force internal restructuring for businesses Read More
  • Smartphone commerce - A smart idea?
    Despite the increasing sophistication of retailers consumers remain reluctant to purchase with their smartphones Read More
  • I am my smartphone
    Study reveals how smartphones are changing the way we live and the far-reaching implications for business Read More
  • Scoring

    Research highlights generation gap in number of friends people claim on social networking sites Read More
  • Global reach, local scale
    Globalisation has made it easier to reach potential customers but has also highlighted the need to be more aware of cultural differences Read More
  • Enter the world of Integrated Reality
    The next generation of shoppers have a view of the world which most retailers do not fully understand Read More
  • The dawning of the Digital Age
    Understanding how humans adapt to technological changes is critical for organisations to thrive in the Digital Age Read More
  • Consuming passions
    Brits believe the way to the heart is still through the stomach as candlelit dinner ranks as top treat for lovers Read More
  • Changing world of consumers
    Traditional consumer research fails to discover what is really important to consumers in their everyday lives Read More
  • The Web delusion
    Impressive internet sales graphs disguise failings of online retailing Read More
  • At home with the iPad
    iPad brings a new way to enjoy intergenerational fun in the modern home Read More
  • Comfort purchases
    Consumers regularly spend on treats despite worries over tighter household finances Read More
  • This year’s must-have?
    Huge interest in iPad suggests tablet computers will come of age this Christmas Read More
  • Culture clash
    New ‘Cultural lens’ challenges European stereotypes Read More
  • A lack of Christmas cheer
    Nervous shoppers expect to spend less this year on presents and food  Read More
  • Asking the wrong questions
    Traditional customer satisfaction surveys do not ask enough of the right questions Read More
  • Games without frontiers
    Research into the culture of European consumers reveals five key clusters Read More
  • Mobile internet users opt for short sharp bursts
    Research reveals ‘extreme micro usage’ patterns in people accessing internet on the move Read More
  • Game-changing dynamics of Gen Y
    How tapping into the mindset of Generation ‘Y’ can positively impact your bottom line Read More
  • iPad highlights changing internet
    The internet has moved on but companies fail to realise that means big changes for them Read More
  • 'Informed rejecters' shun mobile internet
    The most obvious audience for mobile internet devices is the hardest to win over Read More
  • Digital Ageing and the Internet
    Competitiveness depends on how a population learns to exploit the internet, not how many are online Read More
  • High Street v Online
    Retailers must develop high street presence as well as online to attract young buyers  Read More
  • Birth of the M-Agers
    Radical approach needed to reach next generation of M-Agers Read More

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