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Digital Futures

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Our annual Digital Futures study was conducted between October and December 2012 and the project findings are now available.


Digital technology has changed the way we live – how we communicate, socialise and purchase are all radically different to a decade ago. But what of the next decade? What will our digital lives be like in 2020? Having been born into a digital world, ‘digital natives’ have radically different behaviours to everyone else and in 10 years' time, this group will account for 50% of the population.

This major new project sets out the generational change that ‘digital natives’ will bring, exploring in detail their expectations and behaviours.


  1. Sets out the expectations and behaviours of digital natives (those aged 18 and under);
  2. Explains how social media is used and the influence it has within this age group;
  3. Explains the roles that online media, mobile devices and social networking for digital natives;
  4. Explains the generational differences between digital natives and the rest of the population (see Digital Selves study) and predicts the pace of future change;


Click here for Digital Futures report overview (opens PDF in a new window.)

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