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Online and digital technology is increasingly pervasive, affecting all aspects of our lives and in many ways, changing the way we buy, the way we access information on the move and the way we communicate with each other and with businesses. All industry sectors are being forced to adapt to keep pace with consumer research and consumer behaviour.

This major new project will explore how technology is affecting the way we live; the influence and changes it is having on our relationships, communications, our purchasing habits, the fabric of our family life, our trust and our dealings with organisations. It will guide on the pace of change and adaption to new digital media and comment on its future trajectory.

This project will answer the question, “How digital are we?” and explain how technological and social change is affecting the needs and expectations of your customers.


All funding partners can input into the objectives and provide specific questions. All have the opportunity to input into the design of the research at every stage.

1. Explain how technology is affecting the way we live today;

· What impact is technology having on the fabric of our family life and the nature of our relationships?

· What influence is it having on the way we communicate and interact with our friends, families and organisations?

· How is online and mobile web changing the way we make purchasing decisions and affecting the way we buy?

2. Explain the pace of behavioural change and forecast future consumer behaviour;

· How digital are we? How fast are we adapting to new digital media?

· Steer on the likely timescale and impact of new technologies (e-readers, iPad etc)

3. Explore the use and influence of social media;

· How integrated is Social Media into people’s lives? How central is to people’s communication and relationships? How does this differ across different segments?

· How does Social Media change the nature of relationships between friends, family and organisations?

4. Explore issues of privacy in a digital age;

· To what extent are people concerned with ‘privacy’ online? How concerned are people with ‘privacy’ in social networking?

· Is fear of security online related to issues of ‘privacy’ or is security solely related to online purchasing and fear of financial fraud online?

· Do people trust information provided through social networking sites? To what extent does the consumer trust online information in general? How does this differ to traditional media?

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