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Adoption of New Services

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it is that change is constant and tomorrow will be different from today. This is especially the case with technology which is continually developing. Businesses are advancing their product offerings and services to maintain a competitive advantage and to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Innovators and early adopters are change-enthusiasts and they eagerly anticipate new products and services. In their case, businesses are very often catching up with their needs and there is little worry about them adapting. However, for the majority of customers the adoption of new services is slower and it’s the business that remains ahead of the customer. 

For any business, the investment in the new service is worth it only if it’s taken up by the majority of the customer base. So how should businesses make the ‘change’ as smooth as possible for their customers to get a faster return on investment? There are two good ways of doing it: 

  1. Increase the benefit. The majority adopts new services when it’s clear to them what they will gain. Convenience and constant access to the internet were one of the main reasons why users accepted mobile internet. They already carried a mobile phone with them when they began to understand the advantage of accessing the internet on the go (more information, greater entertainment and immediate contact) the use of mobile internet started rising. Increase the benefit by communicating your plans and explaining the features of the new service and how it works. Most importantly, let the customers know the advantages it brings to them.
  2. Decrease the barriers. Make it very easy for customers to switch and to use your new product or service. This is a lot harder as you need to convince them that there are no catches and reassure that there is nothing to be suspicious about. Knowing that other customers are already using it is one of the strongest motivators for adoption of new services. It is however very easy to ‘spook’ customers. Mobile wallets are an example of how the barriers have slowed down the wide adoption. Security concerns of a mobile device and of the payment itself discourages new potential users significantly. Decrease the barriers by explaining safety and security measures. Reassure ease of use and assistance you will help to minimise the hesitation and eliminate worry.
Whatever you decide to do, remember that at the end of the day the benefits must outweigh the barriers!

How do you approach change? Please comment and share your experiences with us.
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