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Why we're loving liking

Our online research and community platform, Jigsaw started life in 2007, when Facebook was in its early days as an open social network and Twitter had just started to emerge.  As they say on the BBC, ‘other social networks were available’!  It’s interesting to note that back then (just 5 years ago) the talk was all about social status and ‘recommends’!  We led the way with community engagement choosing to encourage users to ‘recommend’ each other’s posts, in order to forge community bonds and to encourage quality posts and blogs.

Following feedback from many of our community members and clients, who are steeped in Facebook, we’ve moved on to a system of ‘like’ buttons.  And I have to say, we’re loving ‘liking’!

enables gamification through ranking of panellists by number of likes.

forges bonds between community members.

provides community members and panellists with an interface they’re more used to.

acts as a quick voting system, turning qual into quant.

As ways of engaging participants in online research communities have got more sophisticated, we now create leader boards of activity and now likes.  It will be interesting to see what we’re doing in another 5 years’ time!

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