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New Customer Journeys

Helping a consumer with their online shopping experience is important for any business offering products or services. No organisation wants a customer to only start shopping, but never actually buy anything. It isnít ideal for generating profit. So businesses are doing everything they can to encourage consumers to complete the purchase journey online. There are fewer steps to go through; websites remember items that were viewed and suggest things a shopper might like.

Can online shopping be made any easier?

Well, today 64% of the UK own a smartphone, 82% own a laptop and 23% have a tablet. In fact, 25% of the UK have seven different devices they can use to go online and thatís the problem! Consumers begin to shop in a new way. They can start the journey on one device, but finish it on another.

The customer journey is becoming broken down; disjointed. Initial browsing for products is starting to take place on mobiles or tablets, but the still existing barriers of use for these devices for payments and purchase lead consumers to actually buy products on laptops and desktop PCs. For businesses, itís becoming harder to monitor conversion rates and easier to lose a customer during the online shopping journey. The importance of synchronised channels is gaining significance fast; 28% of consumers consider interconnectivity of devices an important functionality.

So how can businesses assist customers who begin to shop in this new way?
  • Focus on a journey, not a device. Consumers are becoming immersed in technology. They use all devices to help them with their daily tasks and itís becoming natural for them to move from one device to another when completing tasks.
  • Understand how each device is used and what elements of the consumer journey are carried out on each of them. This will help monitor customer conversion and focus efforts on developing actions with the biggest impact.
  • Deliver the right content in the right format. If customers are beginning the journey on a phone donít discourage them with a format thatís not compatible with this device. Donít let technicalities lower your profit.
  • Whatever the improvement you make, make sure your customers are aware of the tasks they can do on each device. Inform them, encourage them and most importantly assist them regardless of the device they use.
New customer journeys are happening all the time across devices, why not share your experiences with us...

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