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Online consumption is changing

The 7 trends below show that our consumption of online content is changing rapidly and all businesses and marketers need to take note. 

They give a snapshot of how we connect to the Internet via the four main devices – Desktop PC, Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet. 

So here goes, the top 7 device trends that you need to be on top of:

  1. Tablet use has quadrupled in the last 12 months, making it the fastest growing device in the UK. Penetration is still lower than the other devices at 23% but it was the most popular gift for the last two Christmas’ with 1 in 5 kids receiving one. Interestingly, kids are the biggest user group (31% vs 23% of adults), whilst more adults use an e-reader (25%). We predicted this over a year ago and the trend is set to continue.
  2. Multi-tasking is on the rise. We especially see this amongst under-18s, and adults who own 7 or more devices. Most multi-tasking revolves around the TV, which is rapidly becoming like background ‘wallpaper’. Typically we’re using smartphones and laptops while watching TV, although tablets are increasingly used alongside these.
  3. Kids go mobile. Children aged 8-18 predominantly use mobile devices, with laptops being the practical device of choice, closely followed by the emotionally, permanently attached, smartphone.  66% of 8-18s use a smartphone, whilst 81% use a laptop and 31% a tablet.
  4. PC use is on the decline. We have predicted the death of the PC before and its heyday is definitely behind it, although it is still the most used device across the whole population. Use is significantly lower among under-18s than any other age group -54% vs 64% amongst adults. 
  5. The rise of the Social Network. Where would the Internet be without Social Networking? Far less popular is the answer! A huge 62% of the UK population logged onto their social networks on Christmas Day – far greater than any other online activity! Laptop and Smartphones are by far the device of choice for social networking with tablets trailing far behind all of the other devices. 
  6. Watching TV - but not on the TV. One of the most interesting trends is watching TV or video on devices that aren’t the TV – On Christmas Day, 14% of us watched a TV programme on either a laptop or PC and 1 in 10 of us watched a movie. Laptops and PCs are the most popular devices for this activity.
  7. Tablet usage most seen for shopping and news. Tablets are most used for shopping and reading the news, growing faster than any other tablet activity, raising serious questions about the longevity of newspapers and the seamless integration of shopping with other channels.
How do you think these 7 trends will affect businesses? 

What is the one thing you think businesses have to be most ready for?

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