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A new year, a new blog!

It’s that time of the year when we all make New Year’s resolutions – and mine is to blog!

This blog is all about the consumer – what they think, what they want and how they behave. It puts the customer at the heart of business issues; bringing you the latest trends interpreted through customer insight. I aim to be thought-provoking and to get ‘under the skin’ of consumer behaviour, to tell you what matters and to tell you what doesn’t.

But this blog is bigger than just myself - we will also be featuring the best guest bloggers we can find. The aim is to bring you the best knowledge relating to consumer behaviour, social and technological change, customer experience and market research techniques.

To give you a flavour of some of the research we will be using to fuel the debate, here are some highlights of our programme for 2011:

  • TrendSpot - one tool I will be drawing on a lot during the year is our online insight community that we use to continuously track and delve into customer trends – as they happen. It’s a great tool for us as we can get feedback from customers at any time and get to know what matters to them in their lives. One example is our annual Christmas project – some of the findings can be viewed on our site here

  • Digital Selves January 2011 The first of our new syndicates, Digital Selves is now in design phase. The project is exploring the impact technology is having on how we live and the nature of our relationships; the influence it has on the way we communicate and interact and how it is changing the way we make purchasing decisions and how we buy.

  • Digital Futures April 2011 Here we focus specifically on those born into the digital age – those under 18. Digital Futures will consider how significant the generational differences in behaviour and technology usage is for this group, whether these behavioural differences are significant enough to suggest a genuine generational difference and if so, what impact this will have in coming years as well as the identification of sub-segments within the under-12s, 12-15s, 16-18s and 18+.

  • The Future Consumer September 2011 Our third syndicate, The Future Consumer, will provide a pragmatic analysis of the influence of communication channels; how each channel influences our purchase decisions and our trust in brands. For the first time, we will compare traditional media channels with new media.

I look forward to sharing and discussing throughout 2011.

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